Mar 20, 2013

No Pasarán

 Yesterday's vote of the Cypriot parliament to the EuroGroup-suggested (!!) plan for cutting a significant percentage of money deposits of citizens and companies in Cypriot banks was met with a resounding NO. There was not a single "yes" among the votes. For once hellenism stood and opposed the vulture-like appetites of the European credit system, instead of succumbing like Greek politicians have done so far, with George A. Papandreou leading this catastrophic dance.

But nothing is simple. In Cyprus right now there is a strenuous battle going on: between Berlin and Moscow. There is great Russian and British interest in Cyprus and its banking system, because many companies and individuals from those two countries have bank deposits in its banks. There is also the geopolitical importance of the island, the gas reserves, the proximity to Turkey controlled pipes etc.
 It is also the apex of the strange, economically-wielded World Word War III which looks like it will demolish the dream of the Unified Europe, because there is no will (and no resistance) to oppose the disruptive voices. And Germany (its administrations) is again responsible for the ominous Balkanization of Europe with all the repercussions this might entail. It remains to be seen if Cyprus will be the explosive cocktail to set Europe on fire.

Mar 10, 2013

Song to Athens: Nick Cave and His Lighting Bolts

It probably takes someone who has lived and loved this city and the Greek people (both locally and in Australia) to feel and share the dread of what this fate inflicted on us means for the whole world: a darkly foreboding tale of despair.