Dec 19, 2011

Christmas Carols from Different Parts of Greece

The beauty of Greek tradition is that such a small country is divided in numerous little "pockets" of varied cultural shades of sound and scent. Greek Christmas Carols couldn't be far behind; each region has its own, each with its own characteristic dialect and music tonalities, all shedding Hellenic light.
Here is a small selection of favourites, each very different from the other.

Christmas Carols from Kefalonia in Western Greece

Christmas Carols from Crete island in Southern Greece

Christmas Carols from Corfu in Western Greece

Christmas Carols from Thrace in Northern Greece

Christmas Carols from Cappadokia (Grecobyzantine region, now part of moden Turkey) and of Mytilene island in Eastern Greece

Dec 12, 2011

Migration and Diaspora: The Greek Fate?

The moon has put a spell on me
and I walk on foreign lands.
The house is orphaned.
The sunset is unbearable and
the mountains seem crying.
Heaven, please send a bird
to fetch patience to my mother.


To fetch patience to my mother,
tied in a scarf,
a dowry to my little sister
and a sweet kiss to the lips
of my little neighbour girl.

 From The Song of Migration

Lyrics by Eric Thalassinos (translation by me), music by Mikis Theodorakis. Sung by the Trifono trio.