Jan 30, 2012

The Whole Lana del Rey Copying a Greek Song Debacle for Video Games

Better judge for yourselves whether there's any plagiarizing going on. Some refute it.  Maybe, if you're going to steal, steal "low" and from the unknown, so that no one finds out. Or not.

Eleni Vitali: "Streets I Loved"
(Music by George Stavrianos, Lyrics by Stelios Hadjimichael.
First recording: "It's the Wind" 1990, Eleni Vitali)

"Lost streets with you on my side, you are no longer here
a shadow's gone amidst the recollection, that's what you've been.

You fade away and disappear but there you are again 
so I'm walking on a tightrope

Streets I loved/a dead end. You are not here.
So I'm getting lost trying to figure out tomorrow and what's there for me."

Lana del Rey "Video Games", 2011


  1. Anonymous18:51

    And what is the big deal, yeah, sure there is a similarity but from there to go to this extent.. I am not sure it is really worth it. The rhythm is really not that exceptional in order to be a 100% copy-paste. You don't need to be a music master to come up with this tune, so please, give her a break.

  2. Oh sure, I'm not judging whether it is or it is not copying (on any level). I said "Or not". So... I left this open to interpretation. ;-)

  3. Προτιμώ της Βιτάλη όπως και να 'χει για την ψυχή που έχει, είναι πιο αληθινό κομμάτι - I prefer Vitali's song one way or another since it's got more depth.

    1. Indeed, Vitali's song got a sense of disillusionment and resigned acceptance in both the lyrics and the carrying of the tune here by her voice (which is spectacular btw in other songs, for those who judge it from only this one) Doesn't it?


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