Jan 30, 2012

The Whole Lana del Rey Copying a Greek Song Debacle for Video Games

Better judge for yourselves whether there's any plagiarizing going on. Some refute it.  Maybe, if you're going to steal, steal "low" and from the unknown, so that no one finds out. Or not.

Eleni Vitali: "Streets I Loved"
(Music by George Stavrianos, Lyrics by Stelios Hadjimichael.
First recording: "It's the Wind" 1990, Eleni Vitali)

"Lost streets with you on my side, you are no longer here
a shadow's gone amidst the recollection, that's what you've been.

You fade away and disappear but there you are again 
so I'm walking on a tightrope

Streets I loved/a dead end. You are not here.
So I'm getting lost trying to figure out tomorrow and what's there for me."

Lana del Rey "Video Games", 2011

Jan 25, 2012

Theo Aggelopoulos: 1935-2012

"I hear you, death, coming...I hear you! "

                 from the film Voyage to Cythera 1984 starring Manos Katrakis

Greek film director Theo Aggelopoulos was abruptly killed yesterday in a motor accident in Keratsini, Piraeus, while filming his swang song, The Other Sea, concerning the Greek crisis.
Have a safe passage, Theo...

Theo Aggelopoulos is the most awarded Greek film director; he got the majority of the Thessaloniki Film Festival awards, the Palm d'Or in the Cannes Festival, the Silver Lion at the Venice film festival, the Phelix of best European movie, the Firepsci award and numerous awards of critics and critics associations around the world.

                     from the film Landscape in the Mist 1988 starring Stratos Giorgoglou

Jan 11, 2012

Why Greek Protests in Athens Are Important (and Can Be Beneficial) for the Whole Wide World

"Money is a commodity, invented to help people by facilitating transactions. It is not wealth in itself. Wealth is natural resources, water, food, land, education, skill, spirit, ingenuity, art. In those terms, the people of Greece are no poorer than they were two years ago. Neither are the people of Spain or Ireland or the UK. And yet, we are all being put through various levels of suffering, in order for numbers (representing money which never existed) to be transferred from one column of a spreadsheet to another.
This is why the matter concerns you directly. Because this is a battle between our right to self-determine, to demand a new political process, to be sovereign, and private corporate interests which appear determined to treat us like a herd, which only exists for their benefit. It is the battle against a system which ensures that those who fuck up, are never those that are punished – it is always the poorest, the most decent, the most hard-working that bear the brunt.  The Greeks have said “Enough is enough”. What do you say?"

Part of a smashingly accurate (just check out the links within corroborating every claim!) and in-depth analysis of the Greek Crisis (even if the most recent coverage is missing, as it was written in June 2011); the hows, the whys, the what nows.....

The only cure is solidarity among people; if the 21st century will teach us anything is how people will re-invent solidarity, with the help of technology, and fight together to make the world a better place before all is lost.

Read the whole article Democracy vs. Mythology: The Battle in Syntagma Square (Athens, Greece)

 pics via tsalapetinos.blogspot.com