Aug 6, 2010

Fred Boissonnas & The Greek Outlook part2

photo scanned by buruburu,gr

The bridge of Arta over the Arahthos river in 1913.
"Forty-five cobblers and sixty apprentices were building a bridge over Arta's river. All day long they were building, each night it was falling down. [...] A bird came and sat, across the river. It didn't sing like a bird, neither as a sparrow, but it sung and said in human speech: "If you don't wall a man, the bridge won't stand; don't wall an orphan, or a stranger or even a passerby, but the arch-cobbler's pretty wife who comes late in the afternoon, early in the evening."
(traditional folk song)
Toil without sacrifice is unthinkable. It almost challenges the gods.

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