Nov 7, 2010


Song from the Greek minority known as the "Griko" living in Southern Italy.


  1. Anonymous14:49

    I traveled in Pulia, and in some places there they still spoke Greco. smelka.

  2. Smelka,

    you found my page I see. Thanks for stopping by!

    Appulia is such a beautiful place too. The mix of Italian and Greek sounds very appealing to my ear. I wonder how it does to someone whose native tongue is neither language.

  3. Stella P14:17

    It sound beautiful in my Norwegian ears! I wonder if the Greco is very different from the Greek now spoken in Greece?

  4. Thank you S! So glad to see you here!

    In short, not wildly. The language sounds like a mix of mostly Greek words intonated in the Italian manner (much like happens in the Ionians islands in Greece, which were occupied by the Venetians for so long). I can easily understand most of it, while at the same time not knowing Greco. It does have a couple of Latin-derived words though (pensero=think). It sounds beautiful to my ear too! :-)


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