Oct 13, 2012

Opposition to George A.Papandreou Teaching Seminars at Harvard: The Ire of Hypocrisy

A Greco-American professor opposes the invitation by Harvard to George A.Papandreou, former prime minister of Greece during the height of the crisis, to teach seminars to its students on "ways to get out of a crisis" etc.

Worth reading:

Dear Mr. Trey Grayson, Director of Harvard School Institute of Politics,

 From the Website of the Institute, I was informed that the Fellows and Study group Program has organized a series of seminars /discussions, titled "Redesigning Europe", to be presented and led by George Papandreou (http://www.iop.harvard.edu/redesigning-europe-led-george-papandreou ).

 Please understand that for the majority of Greeks who live in Greece and experience the hardships, as well as for Greek Americans who, in desperation and indignation are watching Greece drowning and do not know how to help, GEORGE PAPANDREOU IS A WANTED MAN. A man who should be investigated for treason, a man who, intentionally or unintentionally (unfortunately there is a lot of evidence for the former) bears the greatest responsibility for Greece's downfall and for the consequences on the Greek people, which range from closing their businesses and losing their jobs to ending up homeless or committing suicide. It is inappropriate for your prestigious institute, at these crucial times, to invite George Papandreou to offer his insights regarding "sovereign debt crisis", "solutions to global problems", "Will austerity make our economies competitive?" etc. Is he, seriously, the authority to talk about austerity and the impact on a country's competitiveness? Presenting himself as a "socialist", I doubt that he will advocate austerity measures as a means to increase a country's competitiveness. Yet, this is exactly what he dragged Greece into. Do you see the hypocrisy here?

Considering his recent "achievements", is George Papandreou a suitable person "to inspire students to consider careers in politics and public service", which is the mission of your Institute? Do you understand that inviting this individual to lead a study group in your institution (an invitation that honors G. Papandreou and indicates that you hold high respect for him and his views) is a slap in the face for the Greek people? Please do not allow these seminars to continue. Cancel these seminars on the basis that you received many complaints from Greeks, and your prestigious Institute cannot afford to organize and sponsor questionable programs.

 Thank you,
Vassiliki Aroniadou-Anderjaska,
Ph.D. Research Associate Professor
Dept. of Anatomy, Physiology, and Genetics and Dept. of Psychiatry,

F. Edward Hébert School of Medicine USUHS / HJF 4301
Jones Bridge Road, Bethesda, MD 20814

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